Upsell Items

"Did you want fries with that?" 

In North America at least, fries are the ultimate Upsell Item. Fast food restaurants have turned the Upsell into an art form. When successful, they increase the value of the transaction with a product that is low cost and simple to manufacture.

Increase the value of your transactions by offering additional items for purchase along with the excursion ticket, may be a Hobo lunch, a hat or a T-shirt.

Enhance the guest experience by offering something to sweeten the experience.  Examples: a rose, a commemorative glass, a photo, pre-paid parking. 

Upsells may also be used to offer additional activities such as a museum pass, cab ride, mine tour.

Coordinating Attractions: eg. River Rafting, Zipline Tours.  DTS can sell and manage inventory on additional attractions.

Guests easily select from the Upsell items offered and add to their shopping cart or skip the offer and proceed to check out.