Email Channel

Automatic Email Confirmations
Guests automatically receive a custom email message confirming the details of their Transaction and reservation.  You have complete control over this email – you can edit HTML code, insert links, banners, and images and attachments.

Mailing Lists
Broadcast email directly from DTS or Export your Email List and Member List to the email client of your choice.

Pre-and Post Excursion Emails
Custom emails can be set to send in the days before and/or after the excursion.

The Pre-email may be used as a gentle reminder of the excursion date.  Particularly effective for occasions when the ticket was purchased months in advance.  Other “Pre” email info could be tips on how to prepare for the excursion.  When to arrive. What to wear. What to expect. Where to park. Etc.

The Post-email is an opportunity to follow up, invite to the next event, complete a survey, like/review on social media.

Automatic Renewal System
Custom email reminders may be sent at designated intervals, reminding members of their upcoming renewal date.