Special events to grow the bottom line

Savvy tourist and historic railroads use special events as an entertaining and engaging way for deliver the railroad experience to guests of all ages – and attract new demographics and additional sources of revenue.


Need help with event planning? Dynamic Events Express – DSX [SE1] – is your source for targeted event planning to help tourist railroads and museums enhance public image, build community relations and grow the bottom line.


DSX specializes in crafting live events that showcase the unique qualities of your railroad.


With DSX, you will leverage your railroad’s assets to keep your excursion calendar fresh, exciting and appealing to both the existing customer base and potential new audiences.


Services are flexible and on-demand: DSX can create a full schedule of events, or plan just one or a few. DSX knows the business and designs low-cost, fun and easy-to-execute turnkey events that deliver ticket sales and smiles.


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