DNA - Dynamic Narrated Adventures

Today's Guests are expecting more than a “train ride”.  Dynamic Narrated Adventure (DNA)™ is a pre-recorded narration that provides guests with an enriched experience through creative storytelling and makes their visit to your railroad even more memorable.

Dynamic Narrated Adventure (DNA)™ adds value to your trips and tours by creating a consistent, professional audio narration of your railroad’s unique story for every excursion.  Bring your excursions to life with an audio tour combining evocative sound, emotion, suspense, and humor, designed to entertain and engage your guests as they experience the ride.  Free up your docents to move about the train, interact with guests and answer specific questions.  

We work closely with you to enhance your existing scripted narration or to develop a new narration around your ideas, your vision, your railroad.  Our experienced team will integrate sound effects and musical interludes where appropriate to create a complete audio tour.  Professional voice-over artists will record the narration in-studio for the highest fidelity.  

The DNA™ final product is a complete turn-key audio solution ready for use with your existing railroad car speaker system.  Your DNA™ includes all of the required audio equipment and MP3 audio-file(s), which are loaded to the audio-player and may be selected by your staff as appropriate for the planned excursion.  GPS waypoints are built into each audio program, triggering the narration as the train reaches the waypoint.