Assigned Seating

The DTS system provides different seating options based the needs of YOUR Railroad

Seating Options:

Guest Select – Airline-style Seating.  Guests select their seats by clicking on a diagram of available seats.

Batch Seating – with Courtesy or Tight options.  Assign seats at the touch of a button.  DTS will seat the guests based on your desired algorithm.  With the Courtesy option selected, odd-numbered parties of 3 and 5, etc. are rounded up to provide for more comfortable seating.  Select the Tight option, and every seat will be filled.

Seat with – What if the Smiths want to sit with the Jones family but they booked their reservations separately? The Smiths can indicate “Seat with” the Jones party.  DTS allows you to link the reservations together to ensure the “Seat with” request is honored.

Private Table – Four top tables and its Valentines Day? Offer your Guests the option of Private Table seating at an additional cost. 

General Seating - All Aboard!